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The Political Cartoon of the Year Awards 2007

December 7, 2007

I attended my first Political Cartoon Awards, organised by Tim Benson and held at The Guardian offices on Farringdon Road. Ken Clarke presented the awards and gave an amusing speech. However I had to take issue with his point about internet cartoon publishing, as at present I only publish on the Net for the BBC. The standard of cartoons was impressive and I have to say I did not attend with any expectation of winning anything, which was of course for the best. Steve Bell won the Cartoonist of the Year Award, Martin Rowson won Political Cartoon of the Year, Morten Morland was runner-up and Dave Brown got an honourable mention for his body of work.

Ken Clarke did however make one controversial point i.e. that the Internet, as yet, has no home for the political cartoon and that he considered this to be because no one had thought of a way to present the work through this medium. I have to say I strongly disagree with this, as all of my current work is only published on the Net and that the obvious problem is raising awareness of such sites to people who may well be very interested in them.

It was an enjoyable experience chatting with people who not only care about the world but also what happens to it and in it, which sadly is not as common an experience as it should be.

This was my entry for Political Cartoon of the Year:

The Free Marketeers

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