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Samed Tired Old Red Tape Police Excuses

October 10, 2009

Tired Old Red Tape Excuses

A controversial one this time. Discontent with British policing has been growing for some time, with the police often claiming they’re unavailable to answer the needs of those who need them most. We hear all the time of families and individuals being victimised by young thugs, with the police calling this anti-social behaviour and label it low priority, and then hiding behind the tired old excuses of ‘being tied up with red tape’ and government’s notions of not wanting to ‘criminalise the young’. The law and the police do not criminalise anyone, the criminals do that to themselves by committing crimes, whatever their age. Perhaps the public (who are being badly let down by the system) might be a little more understanding if the police weren’t so keen to arrest anyone who stands up for themselves, but only doing so out of frustration when the police refuse to help.

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