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The shame and the lies of the Met just go on and on..

August 19, 2010

Tomlinson pathologist ‘not qualified’ for G20 case

The pathologist at the heart of the decision not to prosecute over the death of a man at the G20 protests should not have been registered to investigate suspicious deaths.

Dr Freddy Patel, 63, appeared on a Home Office register despite failing to meet its criteria, the BBC has learned.

Ian Tomlinson died after being pushed by a police officer. Dr Patel said he died from a heart attack.

But two other doctors disagreed with this verdict.

Instead, they concluded that newspaper seller Mr Tomlinson, 47, had suffered internal bleeding, probably from his own elbow hitting his liver after he was pushed to the ground.

In July, the Crown Prosecution Service said it could not bring a charge of manslaughter against PC Harwood due to the conflict in evidence.

So does this mean the CPS will now reverse it’s decision not the prosecute because the only reason they said they wouldn’t was because of this unqualified rent-a-verdict doctors conclusions? I suggest you don’t hold your breath.

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