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‘Blue Labour’ – a nation shudders

April 24, 2011

New Labour dinosaur Tessa Jowell appearing on the Andrew Marr Show this morning made my (and all traditional Labour voters disenfranchised by the New Labour years) heart sink when she started talking about ‘Blue Labour.  In her words the ‘blue’ being the ‘centre ground’ and that purple was now the way forward marrying the red of the social and the blue of the centre. Betraying in this statement her true party allegiances and Blair’s biggest triumph i.e. the conning of the gullible into believing that the terms right and left were redundant.  So now instead we have blue and red to replace them, absolutely hilarious. Well Tessa here is the news (which I know you and your self-seeking nasty crew already know) – New Labour didn’t lose the last election because they weren’t right wing enough, but rather because they were too right wing.  It is clear Ed Miliband’s biggest problem isn’t winning over the electorate, but rather putting the right wing New Labour dinosaurs out to pasture in the House of Lords as Tory peers.

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