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The Big Bank Heist

June 22, 2011

The coalition have announced their most monumentally disastrous intention to date – the big bank con job i.e. to let the banks off paying back the money they have stolen from our services. So instead of paying back the many billions owed they will simply give the electorate shares in the banks instead. This of course means Cameron gets to keep deconstructing the welfare state and service provision, while fobbing off the gullible with a few quid in shares and keeping his big city paymasters happily snouts deep in the trough, while all the time lives and services crumble.

Sadly I am afraid I have lost almost all faith in the British electorate, worn down down by their seeming  willingness to be conned, just as long as they have their bread and circuses.

I truly wish I could be optimistic about the nation’s future but it’s only good news week because ‘they’ say so.


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