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BBC Political Bias

January 11, 2012

A copy of my complaint to the BBC regarding the public broadcasters blatant Conservative bias:


The BBC is supposedly the neutral public broadcaster but this is now very sadly not the case.

The Daily Politics should be renamed the Daily Cameron Love-in. The presenters never seem to hold any government MPs to task and reserve all badgering scrutiny to members of the opposition. However today was a new low with the BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson going out of his way to tell us what a wonderful chap David Cameron is after discussing Ed Milibands problems (I have to say it made me feel more than a little bilious).

Question Time is now so biased almost all the people I know, who are serious about politics, think it’s a joke (two members of the government as opposed to one from the opposition every week and Dimbleby again badgering the opposition only).

I also think it is very unwise for the public broadcaster to have it’s two most high profile political commentators both be open supporters of the same poltical party i.e. Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson both openly admit their support for the Conservative Party and I’m afraid this certainly comes across in everything they report and host.

As a long time supporter of the BBC I have to tell you the organisation has lost all credibility for fairness and it just is not good enough.


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