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My reply to the BBC’s lip service response to my complaint of their political bias

January 13, 2012

Dear Mr #,

You may claim impartiality to be the ‘cornerstone’ of BBC News and Current Affairs, but I’m afraid that is obviously just lip service, which is proven by your refusal to accept there may be a problem and to even read my complaint properly. I made no reference to This Week, but did reference a particular installment of The Daily Politics.

I have to inform you I made my original complaint to the BBC public, prior to sending, as I knew that I would simply be fobbed off with a pat answer such as the one you have offered me and as I said in my original complaint: this is just not good enough. I will therefore be making your response (and all future correspondence on this matter) public too (with names obviously omitted), to show all the people who read and responded to my original complaint that the BBC no longer has any real interest in being impartial (as many of them had already concluded).

To further illustrate my point Question Time last night was absolutely ridiculous, with two members of the panel from the government and Kelvin MacKenzie (need I say more?) and again only one member of the official opposition and a representative of the Scottish Parliament (who was rarely allowed to speak without badgering from Dimbleby) – are you seriously claiming this is balanced?

To avoid any confusion as to my motives I would like to state that I support no political party. My only interest in this is impartiality and the removal of the bias it would appear only the BBC itself cannot see in its own current affairs programmes.

People are beginning seriously lose trust in the BBC so please take this from someone who still wants to support the organisation – you need to start taking this matter seriously.


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